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Our experienced team of web design and developers, will build you a website using a variety of tools to provide you with a site optimised to gain you new business.

How it works

We start with design, then develop a site on WordPress, while aligning this to your business goals and objectives.



We start with a survey to understand your business needs and objectives.


Strategy/ Proposal

We identify the opportunities and propose a solution for website and growth.



We create designs based on best practice, trends and customer experience.



We roll out your website, get feedback and reverts and assist with the go live process.



We provide a monthly support service for updating the website to prevent security breaches, and content updates if required. 



We assist you to market your website, by drive traffic & conversions while reporting on success metrics.

More than 15 years experience

Our team has been designing and building websites for a long time, resulting in deep expertise within user experience, user interface design and custom development. 

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Benefits of having a website


Generate leads or sales by showcasing your services or products


Increase your online visibility and put your name in front of your ideal client or customer


Improve your credibility by having a professional online presence


Access data and insight on your clients through web analytics


Have an edge over your competitors by making your business accessible online


Pay once-off for a fully managed website solution, catered to your exact requirements.

Landing Page

R249 p/m




Premium theme with bespoke design


WordPress installation and setup


1 Landing Page with all of your information


All content


All stock imagery and icons


Standard contact form

Best Value

Starter Website

R599 p/m


Everything in Landing Page


Maximum 5 Pages


Website analytics


Premium contact form with anti-spam protection


Project management and plan

Custom Website

from R999 p/m


Everything in Landing Page and Starter Website


More than 5 pages


Custom development and features

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I budget for a website?

Our website packages are all inclusive, meaning you get a fully functional website with hosting, maintenance and more, at a monthly fee. More complex websites will come at a higher cost, but we recommend you contact us for more details.

Why is your landing page option so expensive?

A landing page is essentially a single-page website and generally consists of an overview of your business or services, examples, and contact form. They require a lot more design consideration to ensure they are efficient.

What technologies do you use?

All out sites are built on WordPress and use a premium theme, along with Gravity Forms for preventing spam. These are inustry standard tools to provide you with a functional site that has support to prevent vendor lock in.

Is WordPress secure?

A website or website platform is only as secure as you make it. There will always be hackers attempting to get into your website, which is why tools like firewalls are essential for protecting them. Please contact us if you would like to know more about how you can secure your website.

Do you offer hosting and domain (URL) registration?

We do offering hosting and domains at an additional cost. Please enquire for available options.

How long will it take?

Once we have received your survey, all your content, images and links, we can turn around your site in 1 – 2 week. The duration of the project is however dependent on your availability and how well we collaborate.

How many design options will I get?

One option, because we are confident in our understanding of your needs and our design, and we have never had a customer not like the site we have built first time around. We will however interrogate your requirements and look for inspiration that matches those requirements.

Working with Helio Digital has been an absolute pleasure, the team have been extremely knowledgeable and have helped guide us in creating a functional, professional and visually appealing site for our organization. We are confident in our new site and have already started to see positive feedback!

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